Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November in my heart

Amelanchier - at least kicking into its full fall glory. It's my dream tree (so I planted three of them). Its June berries aren't just "edible" - they make it all the way to "delicious" (eaten out of hand, in pies, as jam - best ever was the sorbet I made with my friend Ellen). As she says, few trees give as much. The berries attract birds if you don't finish them all yourself. The little white-star blooms in April lift the heart in the nick of time. And this fall color felt a little late this year - but worth waiting for, yes? The trip from green through gold to flame and crimson is the glory of my garden, and fall is my garden's glory season.

I've made my garden so autumn-glorious to fight the feeling of decline that comes with darkening days. This year the glory feels more like loss. On November 2, we lost our heart-dog, Emmett. He was the sweet center of our home and our days.

Our friend Kath took a last picture of him:

His illness was very brief. We miss him.


Ellen Zachos said...

I love Amelanchier in every season and you caught the colors beautifully. They're a little muted and sad here, in memory of E. Glad you're blogging again.

Unknown said...

Emmit can now visit Liddy and Lefty. There is still more fur in your home to snuggle with. Lovely post. Please continue.