Sunday, January 27, 2008

We did it!

Robert and I signed up for the 24-hour Short Story Contest at At 1pm yesterday, we received our "topic" and max word count (which was just 1,000 words - can you imagine, a chatty gal like me?). Just before 1pm today, we emailed our entries. (And just after that, my computer restarted for no reason at all, so right after that Robert was forced into his "tech support for life"role.) Mine was 999 words, R's shorter. We didn't skip meals (as if!) or stay up all night. I didn't know what to make of the topic at first, but working to include its elements made all sorts of things happen in the story that wouldn't otherwise have occurred to me.

It was oddly exhilarating. And then we had lunch.


Andrea said...

I expect to see all 999 words here sometime soon!! Do tell! :)

Unknown said...

Bravo! Great effort. Challenges always help push things to completion. Good luck in the judging.

SaraGardens said...

Thanks, you guys - 24 hours is a mere sprint compared to the month-long blog marathon you both ran! And John, you're so right - the push to completion is amazing. (Also the push to START!).

Kizz said...

I participated once in a session of the 24 Hour plays where writers meet post-performance on one night and start writing and by 8pm the next night the curtain goes up on a new evening of short plays. I kind of like the short time frame as a brain boost.

SaraGardens said...

Wow, Kizzy - brain boost meets instant feedback. You get to find out right away what works on the page but not on the stage.

Ellen Zachos said...

You are so cruel. Not only did you not post the story, but you didn't even tell us the topic?! Please, spill.

Awfully glad you're back at the blog.

SaraGardens said...

I know if I try to post it, I'll tinker past 999 words and 24 hours (and you'd thank me for it - so that version will yet come)... but here's the topic:

She always kept the object safe and close to her. Mama made her repeat the promise over and over again during those last days. "I will never show it to a living soul. I will never show it to a living soul."

She cried about Mama less now, not as much as she had before.
She then carefully peeled the gray sock off her foot, and waited for the familiar object to fall out. Nothing happened. Panicked, she quickly turned her sock inside-out. It was gone.

(Tough to embrace, huh?)

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Anonymous said...

Hello...Sara...What was the topic?
I'm pretty sure you can manage to write one more word. How about Robert's?

Much love,
The Moskal's in FL

Anonymous said...

good for you!!!! great news :)