Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ball is not lost

Yes, that's the same dog.  It's the same pose, in the same park.  But look - it's a different leaf pile!  This is a very, very good time of year for leaf piles.  Leaf piles are very good for - doing that thing Bu does, in that same pose, day after day (see above).

The giant blue ball (what, you don't see it?) was a gift from a dog named Sasha, who cares only for tennis balls.  I planned to give her this awesome tennis-ball gizmo that left Bu completely indifferent... but we have never seen Sasha (or her very nice human) before or since that day, years ago, when The Precious #1 entered our lives.  It's recently been pointed out that at some point, the manufacturer might discontinue this item, and this would be a good time to stock up.  In bulk.

It's available here - and those good folks also sell a squeeze-tube for high-paced treating (in case squeeze cheese is not your thing).

No idea why Bu is blue in this picture.  And Sasha - we owe you one.

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