Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy day after

Wow, that was just all so tasty and so sweet and so affectionate and generous-hearted and kind and fun.  Cranberry sorbet, you're my new BFF!

Thanks to all our friends, neighbors, guests, and pets.  And a big shout-out to my nephew Ben, who did all kinds of helpful things, requested and unsolicited.   Who knows whether I could have done it without you?  I'm just really, really glad I didn't have to.

I know many of you are not feeling this, but:  can we all feel just a little sorry for Robert now?  I  know, he's in Costa Rica.  But it's been raining a bunch, and he's been working on a project, not (mostly) surfing, beaching, or kayaking.  And he didn't get to obsess about the food, or the wine pairings, or the proper turkey making method - and he didn't get to eat any of it.  He'll be fine, really (and he'll be home very soon).  But see how wistful he looks, in a sort of "Rembrandt painting left under the stairs a little too long" sort of way?

Miss you, RMo!  And man, you missed a swell feast, a swell after-feast, and a few weeks of the most beautiful November days ever.  Literally.  Combined.

Travel safe home, spouse-y.

Neighbors - see you in the park, same pup time, same pup channel.


Liz Schnore said...

Thanks for letting us be a very small part of it. Great to see you.

Ellen Zachos said...

Really? Ben? What's the opposite of sophomore slump?

SaraGardens said...

Excellent point, Ellen... since he skipped the Freshman Fifteen, maybe he's doing his own program? (Wait, did I say 'maybe'??)

And Liz, you guys were hardly a 'small' part of it - not a word of Swedish would have been spoken if not for David! Ben didn't seem all that startled, but he did seem pleased.