Monday, November 07, 2011

Let's get this baby off the ground

That could refer to so many things, huh?

Here's a short list:

I'm flying the house solo.  So far, so good!  Second day of dog to park, plus three walks; cats fed (yeah, they say otherwise - trust me).  There has been cooking, and taking out of trash, and laundry.  (Yea, verily - e'en unto the laundry.)

The Bach did not crash and burn at this evening's rehearsal.  I think we can, and will, achieve liftoff.

I am cruising both ends of the spring forward, fall back thing.  Up early; not in bed yet.  'Splain me that!?  This is the opposite of seasonal affective disorder (but it is disorderly, make no mistake, and I shall pay).

I could go on like this, and you know I will.  Meantime:

Dear Everyone I Know,  Please Save The Date for a Christmas concert to benefit the Brooklyn Conservatory:  December 18th, 5pm, and you get to join in for carols.

And also.. December 4th, Messiah sing-along to benefit CHIPS homeless shelter, St. John's in Park Slope.

More pictures, soon - also, more singing.

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