Monday, November 21, 2011

Menu hints

The idea hamster that is me wants you to know everything on my mind for Thanksgiving.  But even I cannot type that fast.  Creating a glorious feast that's gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free... well, frankly, I feel a little sorry for the folks that are relying on heavy cream to bail out their efforts.

Kath is bringing A Fabulous Dessert (hey, I don't question the master - let's just stand back and give her room).  Her friend Kathleen will bring Brussels sprouts.

Sean is bringing Something Baked that will be awesome (see why I was voted "Least Likely to be Anyone's Favorite Pastry Chef"?)

Sheri will bring a green veg., kid-thrilling beverages, and cranberry sauce.

Here's what I'm most definitely making:

The turkey (duh!) - I know y'all think my husband can roast the hell out of a chicken.  Whose poultry laurels do you think he was vying for, when he learned to do that?  Salt will be involved.

Cauliflower couscous.  That's right, you hack up a bunch of cauliflower (minus the tough stems, which are for the dog), and pretend it's couscous.  Awesome.  Flavor options are endless (watch this space for the winning flavor combo).

And right around here, it starts to get blurry... here are the other dishes I want to make:

Indian pudding!  (After many grain-free months, I think corn deserves a seasonal moment.)

Cranberry sorbet... and I'm torn between making it as an adjunct to the Baked Wonders Sean & Kath will create, and doing it in a tangier version, as a frozen adjunct to the main meal.

Polenta cut in shapes (because Amy's gift of autumnal cookie cutters has been so life-altering, and I haven't even used them yet).

Smoked salmon fishcakes (great appetizer idea, right? plus, my 8yo friend Felix is a huge salmon fan).

Maple candy in shapes (see references to awesome cookie cutter references - or better, don't go back and see them, take my word for it).  You basically cook maple syrup to hard-candy stage, with a hint of cream of tartar, and pour it into leafy shapes.

And here's what even I know isn't going to happen:

I swear, I had several items for this list.  Oh, right - the butternut squash 'noodles' with the duck-liver-inflected, pomegranate-splashed, onion-y goo.  That is, oddly the one recipe I have tried, and it was awesome.  Better spend quality time in the kitchen lab tomorrow.


Mary said...

You so funny honey- love my idea hamster!

Ellen Zachos said...

No one will miss the gluten or the soy or the dairy or the all sounds wonderful. Long live the idea hamster.

SaraGardens said...

EZ, you're so right - no one missed a thing. It was also the easiest and tastiest turkey I have ever made. Of course, we started out with the Crabapple Wine, so you get a whole footnote of your own!