Sunday, November 13, 2011


We all have that experience where the awesome snappy comeback pops into our heads hours later.  I also sometimes have so many snappy comebacks on the tip of my tongue, I scare myself.  So, like, I'm walking my dog around the block, and a man walks by on our right, and says with deep disapproval, "Could you move your dog?"  My on-leash dog is about 8" wide (yes, I measured).  I am wider, but this is Washington Avenue.  Plenty of room for my hips, and other life forms.

So here's what I didn't say:

"What's the magic word?"

"I believe that's pronounced "EXKYOOZE ME."

"Why, yes, I could - would you like me to?"

Quite honestly, I could go on like this at ridiculous length, but I am very excited that the whole thing didn't put me out of sorts and cause me to breathe fire, so I'm stopping now.  And I'm going to sleep like a baby and never think of it again.

My dog, with his superior social skills, veered left out of Mr. Grumpy Pants's path in response to a slight hand gesture.  Mr. G.P. presumably went on to disapprove of much else in the category 'Things on Feet."

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Unknown said...

It's better that you wrote it down for all of us to enjoy and Mr. GP does no get the pleasure of your wit.