Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two things (and then another one)

Today is Clean Your Refrigerator Day.  I started to get gung-ho, but I'll be celebrating that tomorrow - when I can put my trash bags out for the awesome Sanitation Department heroes of NYC.  Y'all can imagine how much food I've thrown out this year, since the gluten crash (not to mention the dairy disaster).  This is truly my kind of meaningless holiday.

More thrillingly, Mary met the phenom that is John 20 years ago.  That is not only exciting because their relationship is old enough to vote, or because it's inexplicable that I've known Mary longer than John has, or because 20 is a round number ending in a zero.

And another one:  I found a check on the ground in Fort Greene Park this morning.  Then I Googled the recipient's (not-so-unusual) name, and found her at work.  One search, one phone call.  She didn't even know she had lost it yet.  She asked me how I knew it was a check.  Your bonus question:  how did I know it was a check?  (You can get extra credit on this one.)


Kizz said...

I celebrated Clean Your Fridge day early because I've been sneaking non-perishable Thanksgiving items into my weekly Fresh Direct orders for a couple of weeks and needed the room.

I don't understand how you could NOT know it was a check. I mean, did she think you were too young to use checks?

Robert said...

Was it because it was in a special check type envelope?

SaraGardens said...

No envelope... folded piece of paper on the ground.

I'm giving this one to Kizzy: the correct answer is 'because it looked like a check.' You may collect your prize as soon as I make up what that might be.

Stay tuned for further verbiage along these lines...

Mary said...

You're my hero.