Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What's for dinner?

Tuesday used to be my on-my-own night for dinner.  Then that got moved around, and before I got used to it, R went on his mission to be a guest-working code monkey in tropical paradise.  So I'm applying Tuesday cooking rules - extra special, but also experimental.  As some of you know, R has a rare, unnamed phobia:  he is terrified his food might not be tasty.  (I thought he was kidding, but he actually experiences the emotion 'fear' at the thought of eating something non-world-rocking.)

Some Tuesdays back, I julienned butternut squash, and added it to onions I had cooked pretty much to pieces in coconut oil, and splashed with a little pomegranate juice (which turned them a beautiful ruby color, and made them taste like magic).

It was actually better than pasta - but let's face it, I haven't had pasta since wheat tried to kill me.  No, really - it was better than pasta, because it had flavor as well as texture, and it was orange.

Tonight, I'm going to make cut the squash wider, like pappardelle, and cook them in a little of the stock I made yesterday, and slurry in some duck-liver pate.  That's right, yesterday I made a miraculous pate of duck liver, without dairy (of course), and I didn't even tell you about it.

And a salad.  (If you've ever watched me make a salad, you know what an understatement that is.  This time, pears may be involved.)


Kizz said...


(I pretty much blacked out after I read that.)

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