Monday, April 23, 2012

Hail, container gardeners!

This post is for this spring's Container Gardening class @NYBG - a special group with a fine idea about sharing gardening knowledge and resources, particularly in the NYC area (and especially in Manhattan).

Dear students, please feel free to use comments here to share resources you've found helpful.  Several of you have mentioned good sources for plants in smaller conversations, and I know others would love to hear.

(Kind non-student readers, you can throw a word in, too.)

Mmm. spring!

Shawn and I had a great garden visit, and he says so right here.  We talked about more plants than he had room to include - and I kept remembering moremore plants thereafter.  Shawn, come say hi to the Mayapples when you're here on Wednesday!  And I look forward to having you guys over for a serviceberry-fest come June.

p.s. this inspired me to get those ramps in the ground - finally! - looking forward to more next year.